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Auto Accident Insurance

Auto Accident Insurance

If the symptoms you have been experiencing are a result of an auto accident, your insurance company will cover the cost of your care using Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or MedPay. Our office will work with your auto insurance company directly to get most, if not all, of your care covered. 

Corrective Care Insurance

Everyone's insurance plans are unique; because of this, there are a few questions to ask your insurance company before visiting with our office:

1) Does my plan have out-of-network chiropractic coverage?

2) Do I have a deductible that must be met?

3) What percentage of my visits are covered?

We also accept HSA and FlexSpending accounts to give you the most options for your payment. 

Credit Card

If you would like to learn more about payment options, click here.

Still have questions? Contact us and we will find the best solution for you.  

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